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I was recommended to Dr.Krotz from my gynecologist that I have been with for over 10 years. I am 40 years old not knowing if I want children in the future but wanted to freeze my eggs “just in case”. I am in good physical shape and eat semi healthy at 145lbs. During our first consultation I had a good feeling about him. The initial consultation was not rushed and he told me everything I needed to know about doing my egg retrieval procedure and the steps we needed to take. Everything financially was stated up front with no surprise costs and very fair in pricing.

He has very good bed side manner and when things didn’t go as planned with my body, he tried everything to avoid an extra surgery and it worked. He called me when he thought I was having doubts and feeling down to reassure me everything will work out. The process took a few months longer than I expected but with this type of situation you have to be very patient. Because of the timing of my cycle and injections we had to meet one Saturday right before my procedure and he opened his office just for me with his technician. That. was. impressive. Thank goodness Dr.Krotz is extremely caring and patient. I commend him for being thorough and confident in the execution of making my egg retrieval case a success. I was extremely happy with my results and entire experience with this staff.

– N.D.


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