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Natalia Ortuno

Patient Service Representative

Born and raised in San Diego California, Natalia moved to Houston in June of 2019. She completed her studies in Medicine in Baja California Mexico. She chose to pursue a position in reproductive medicine because family has always been extremely important to her. As such, she considers being able to help couples begin their own family both a true honor and a unique experience. When outside of work Natalia enjoys being outdoors, where she likes to go running. She also values her time spent with loved ones and playing the piano or reading in her spare time. She one day hopes to specialize in hematology and oncology.

Andrea Ruiz

Patient Care Representative

Patient care representative Andrea was born in Mexico City and raised in the great city of Houston Texas. She pursued a career in reproductive health due to her vision of creating a space of friendship and compassion within the healthcare system. She has been in the administrative medical field for 6 years and enjoys every part of being able to help the clinical team with the day-to-day tasks to accomplish the bigger goal of giving patients not only great healthcare, but also a support system. Andrea enjoys dancing, bike riding, and soaking up the sun at the beach. A dream of hers is to own land and be able to grow her own crops and give a home to a few four-legged creatures.

Monica Rayo

IVF Nurse, RN

Hailing from Oahu Hawaii, Monica has been a nurse for the past ten years and has been working in reproductive medicine for the past two years. She studied at UT of Arlington where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing before pursuing her Masters Degree for Family Nurse Practitioner. She chose a career in Fertility with the specific goal of helping individuals and couples obtain their dream of creating families.  As such she considers it an honor to be part of the process in assisting patients throughout their journey. She has found the overall experience to be extremely rewarding and views it as an exciting career choice.  Monica views IVF as an important advancement in society which affords women the option of pursuing a career and their own personal ambitions before starting a family. In her spare time, Monica enjoys painting, using many different media. Her preferred method is surrealism, specifically utilizing oil paints on large canvas. Some of her favorite artists are Salvador Dali, Leonara Carrington, and Max Ernst. She views art as her true escape and an opportunity to practice free expression. Aside from art Monica also likes to go jogging 3-6 miles daily at Memorial park.

Huong Le

Ultrasound Technologist

Huong graduated in Houston, and became a registered Ultrasound Technologist specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She was born in Danang, Vietnam. Her family packed up what little they did have and left after the Vietnam War, in search of a better life in America. Her family has always been her number one priority.

Detection and being the eyes for the doctor is instrumental in the success of the various treatment plans that Inovi has to offer. Being such a vital part of a patient’s journey from the very first ultrasound, to witnessing the beautiful heartbeat of their baby is such a gratifying experience and privilege. This brings Huong so much joy, happiness and happy tears, and pushes herself to work even harder for our patients.

Huong chose to be a part of the Inovi team because of the importance of family. Having this sense of urgency to help our patients has helped her and her husband as they write their own fertility story, riding the relentless waves of the emotional fertility rollercoaster. Her dream is to become a mother one day.  They understand the hardships, obstacles that lie ahead of them, but hope their story and background can help them relate to patients and support them one step at a time.

Huong believes that fertility should be more easily talked about, that there shouldn’t be such a stigma associated with it. You will always find Huong with a gracious smile, a great positive attitude and always lending a helpful hand, whether it’s to her Inovi team, patients or the person on the elevator. Her demeanor may be soft spoken, but don’t judge her by her petite frame, because she is strong and passionate in all that she does.

In her spare time, Huong enjoys traveling near and far with her husband, going to the movies, spending time with their family and friends, appreciating the great outdoors, and drinking her favorite boba tea.

Maria Henriquez

Medical Assistant

Originating from the tropical country of Venezuela, Maria completed her studies in Medicine at the University of Carabobo in Valencia Venezuela where she discovered that her favorite subject was Obstetrics and Gynecology.  After graduating she decided to move to Houston in 2014 to pursue the next step in her career. It was in Houston that Maria was recruited to work alongside Dr. Krotz at Inovi Fertility & Genetics Institute and has further develop her further develop her interest and abilities in reproductive medicine.  All of all the aspects of fertility medicine, Maria enjoys the opportunity to interact closely with patients most, and says that helping patients from the very beginning of their emotional and personal road of fertility has been an amazing and incredibly rewarding experience. Coming from a warm climate, Maria enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities outside of work including dancing and travelling, and enjoys spending her weekends cycling. Maria also has a fond appreciation of other cultures, learning about them through their cuisine. As a result, Maria enjoys cooking for her family, and enjoying meals while watching a great movie.

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