Genetic Counseling

If you are like many couples experiencing infertility and find your path leads to genetic testing of embryos or preconception genetic testing or carrier screening, Inovi understands these decisions can be filled with stress and anxiety. That’s why we encourage and provide you solutions for genetic counseling.

Inovi genetic counselors relate easily to patients and develop long-term relationships. They feel highly invested in your success and outcomes while at the same time being able to help you think clearly to manage the genetic testing that you may need.

Your genetic counselor provides both a sounding board and a knowledgeable resource where emotions and information can be shared. 

We encourage and provide you solutions for genetic counseling.

What is a Genetic Counselor?

These are counselors who have received special training as health care providers. They meet with you to review your medical and family histories and discuss potential impacts of genetic causes on your infertility.

As an important part of the fertility team, they work closely with our fertility reproductive endocrinologist and lab director to identify the best plan for you and your partner. They are trained in reproductive and genetic counseling and understand the legal statutes for Texas.

Why Use a Genetic Counselor?

The role of genetics in relationship to infertility and miscarriage is advancing quickly with new ways to determine how to manage the outcomes better. More couples are seeking ways to secure a safe and healthy pregnancy by being prepared with as much pre-genetic testing as possible.

This is where the team of genetic counselors becomes so important to you and your future family decisions.

Being informed about the risks, limitations and benefits of genetic testing is part of the pre-testing counseling process. While beginning this exciting new process, Inovi staff understands and respects the seriousness of potential genetic testing and wants you to be prepared to make the best decisions for you and your partner.

This is why we offer and encourage genetic counseling for all our patients.

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Genetic Testing for Emotional Confidence

At Inovi we are prepared to provide you and your partner with the appropriate pre-testing counseling so that you both are informed about the risks, limitations and benefits of genetic testing. As you embark on this exciting investment in your future, Inovi takes seriously all potential genetic ramifications and attempts to keep you totally in charge of your decisions.

We provide clear pretest and posttest information and do not pressure any patient or partner to feel compelled to complete specific genetic or viral testing that is not required by law. Finding a comfort level with understanding of the testing and results is our goal for you.

You will be provided your genetic test results in a timely manner and encouraged to share with your affected or at-risk family members. 

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