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We welcome you to Inovi Fertility & Genetics Institute Andrology Laboratory and Male Fertility Evaluation Services.  Our Andrology laboratory is fitted with modern state-of-the-art equipment that allow us to perform a variety of testing and treatment related procedures.   All samples brought into our andrology and/or embryology labs are also subject to strict protocol measures that safeguard a sample’s integrity throughout the entire testing process.


While off-site collection is allowed when certain conditions are met, on-site collection is preferred to guarantee the most accurate reading.  During the on-site collection, the male partner will be met by our andrology laboratory staff who will greet you, review your completed forms with you and verify your identification (Driver’s License or Passport).  The male partner will be brought to our pristine and discreet collection room, and provided ample direction on how to properly collect the sample for an accurate semen analysis.


The results of the semen analysis, including semen analyses done for cryopreservation, will be known after 2-3 days.  The results will be provided at the next appointment with Dr. Krotz or to the patient’s or partner’s primary physician if requested.  A semen specimen that is prepared for an intrauterine insemination (IUI) will be processed within 1 ½ hours on average and results of the count and motility (movement) will be known prior to insemination.  If results of the semen analysis are abnormal, a complete endocrine (hormone) and genetic evaluation may be recommended.  Dr. Krotz will also provide further counseling on how to improve the semen analysis parameters at home and may provide a referral to a reproductive urologist.


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